Estate Litigation in Rockland County

The time period after a loved one passes away can be difficult for the entire family. Unfortunately, this emotional time may also result in family members realizing that the outcome of the estate was not what they expected. As a result, significant issues may arise that the family must deal with as they grieve for […]

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Probate in Rockland County

When an individual passes away in Rockland County, New York, there’s a good chance that they have created an estate plan that includes a will and has named an executor to carry out their wishes. In addition, the executor of the will is responsible for completing the probate process. Probate is the process by which […]

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Advance Directives in Rockland County

When an individual begins the estate planning process, they have a lot to consider. One important part of estate planning is determining the medical treatment procedures that they do or do not agree to in their final days. Advance healthcare directives allow an individual to dictate their wishes for medical care in the event that […]

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