Writing a will is rarely a fun task. However, it is necessary if you would like to control where your assets will go when you pass on. Unfortunately, all too many people make the same mistake of drafting their will on their own. While countless videos, articles, and more will tell you that you can go it alone, anyone that truly knows estate law will tell you that is a very bad idea.

While of course, an estate planning firm is going to tell you to request their services, this is not about us. Regardless of who you choose to help, just know that you do need help, and it has nothing to do with your competence or ability to organize and accurately reflect your wishes on paper. Please, do yourself a favor and read on to learn more.

Do I really need a lawyer to write my will?

You don’t need an attorney to write your will. There are online and other DIY will kits on the market, however, most people do not know what they are getting into when they use them. Writing a will is, in some ways, an art. Without an extensive legal background, you would have no way of knowing that certain phrases that are as clear as day to you may mean something completely different in a legal setting.

Rather obviously, this can muddy the waters and open you up to a wide array of potential legal pitfalls. One incorrectly-used word can put your entire estate in jeopardy. Why risk it? The fee you pay an experienced lawyer for competent service and peace of mind is nothing compared to what would happen if you incorrectly draft your will.

What else can an estate planning attorney help me with?

Estates are complex, involved financial affairs that can always be made simpler with the help of a seasoned attorney. Our firm would be happy to assist you with additional legal matters, including establishing trusts, appointing an executor, creating a power of attorney, or even establishing potential guardians for your children. These are all extremely important aspects of your life, so why risk making a mistake? By hiring our firm, you can rest assured knowing everything will go to the right place upon your passing. Do not wait. Reach out to our firm so we can get the ball rolling.

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