Disputes between a landlord and tenant are common in New York. One of the most frequent sources of tension is when a tenant wants to get out of their lease but cannot. It is important to be aware of certain laws that may allow an individual to terminate their lease if they are eligible under these laws. The individuals who are eligible for lease termination in New York State include senior citizens, victims of domestic violence, and military personnel. Each group has a different set of eligibility terms.

  • Senior Citizens- tenants who are 62 years or older may terminate their leases if they relocate to a residential healthcare facility, are certified by a physician as being unable to live alone, or are relocating to subsidized housing.
  • Military Personnel- active duty military members may terminate their lease if they signed the lease before entering active duty and the property was occupied by the individual or their dependents. In addition, they should be able to terminate a lease if given official military orders for a Permanent Change of Station to relocate.
  • Victims of Domestic Violence- a victim of domestic violence may terminate their lease if they have received a court order of protection. They must show that there is a continued risk of living there and if the landlord does not voluntarily terminate the lease, the tenant may request that the court terminates it.

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