If you want or need help preparing a power of attorney, please read on, then contact a skilled power of attorney lawyer in Rockland County to learn what types of powers of attorney are available in New York.

What types of powers of attorney are available in New York?

A power of attorney is a legal authorization, usually in the form of a legal document, that gives a designated person, termed the agent or attorney-in-fact, the power to act for another person, known as the principal. Powers of attorney come in six different forms in the state of New York. Each has its powers and limitations. The types are as follows:

  • Durable – remains in effect even if you become incapacitated
  • Non-durable – ends when you become incapacitated
  • Springing – only comes into effect when a certain specified condition is met
  • General – the agent can act for you in all situations allowed by state law
  • Financial – the agent makes decisions about your money and property
  • Medical – the agent makes healthcare decisions on your behalf

As you may have inferred, you can mix and match these powers of attorney in order to meet your specific needs and desires.

Can you alter a power of attorney in New York?

Life is unpredictable, and you can’t account for every development, even after you draft a power of attorney. You can revise your power of attorney to meet any new eventualities that crop up. So long as you are of sound mind, you can revoke or terminate your power of attorney at any time for any reason. Furthermore, if you are no longer of sound mind, a court can remove an agent for acting improperly. In such a case, your agent will no longer be able to make healthcare decisions for you.

How can a New York power of attorney lawyer help you?

An experienced Rockland County wills, trusts and estates attorney will help you determine whether an agent will be given broad or limited authority to make decisions about your property, finances, investments or medical care. We will help you if you want to designate more than one agent. A qualified legal representative will assist you in creating a durable power of attorney that will remain in effect even if you, the principal, become ill or disabled and cannot act personally. Do not leave everything to chance. Call us today.

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