The culminating point in the home buying process is the closing day. This is arguably the most exciting day of the entire real estate process for new homeowners because not only does it mark the end of the lengthy process, it also means they officially own the home and can move in. Many people aren’t sure what to expect out of the closing day other than knowing that they will have to sign a lot of paperwork.

Before the closing meeting can happen, the home inspection and mortgage will have to be approved. In addition, the buyer should make sure that they complete the final walkthrough of the house to verify that the house is in the condition that is expected.

Once at the closing meeting itself, the attorney should be sure to explain each document that the buyer will be required to sign. Another important factor to note is that the seller doesn’t always have to be at the closing meeting. They are able to sign the documents beforehand as long as the paperwork is submitted before the meeting. At the end of the meeting, the buyer will finally be handed the keys and will officially own the home.

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