There are many benefits to setting up an estate plan before you pass away, but so many people still put it off or fail to make one. There is no good excuse for not making a plan, and even people with a modest amount of money and assets to pass on should know exactly how a complete, legally binding plan can help them and their families. A Rockland County estate planning attorney is ready to assist you.

Will My Family Have to Go Through Probate Court If I Have An Estate Plan?

One big advantage of having an estate plan is that you do not have to worry about going through probate court unless there were some assets that were left out of your plan for whatever reason. The probate court is there to decide who gets what when a deceased person passes away without a will or an estate plan. If your plan accounts for everything that you wanted to pass down, then there is no need for the court to step in and distribute what you have left behind.

Can an Estate Plan Make it Easier to Distribute Assets to My Beneficiaries?

This is part of the reason why an estate plan makes it so much easier to distribute assets or personal items to your beneficiaries. You get to choose who gets what. A probate court would have no idea what you wanted to do with specific assets and would likely just hand over most of your assets to one or two people. When you have a well-defined plan, you can include many family members and friends, making it easy to leave behind something for everyone who is important to you.

Can an Estate Plan Help Me Care for a Minor or a Relative With Special Needs?

Another advantage of an estate plan is that it can help you care for a minor or a relative with special needs after you have passed away. Our attorneys can make it easy to set up a trust that sets aside assets your loved one can use to pay for anything that they need or want.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

A lawyer from our firm can help you make an estate plan that is complete and legally binding. This can help prevent your loved ones from fighting over any assets while you are gone. If you have any specific requests, like making a trust to set aside money for a relative with special needs, we can handle those as well.

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