If you need help navigating New York’s probate process, please read on, then contact an experienced Rockland County probate attorney to learn the benefits of hiring a probate lawyer in the state of New York.

How does hiring a New York probate lawyer benefit you?

In the state of New York, if an estate is valued at over $30,000 then it must be probated when there is a will. The court has a “small estate proceeding” when the estate is below $30,000. As you are likely well aware, property values in our neck of the woods are very high, so it is quite likely that even a modest estate would exceed that $30,000 minimum. With that being the case, hiring a probate lawyer offers the following benefits:

  • Preventing undue stress and strain within the family: A probate lawyer can reduce or even eliminate conflicts within the family by promoting understanding
  • Assessing the estate goes faster: Probate lawyers can expedite the process
  • Helping prevent rejection by the courts: Probate lawyers make sure the documents and court filings contain the most accurate and up to date information
  • Handling debts properly: A probate lawyer helps reduce tax burden and financial strain on survivors
  • Preventing lawsuits: When everyone understands their rights and responsibilities, they will have no grounds to file suit against each other

Why else should you hire a Rockland County estate planning attorney?

Aside from cutting down on family infighting and other domestic squabbles, you may need to hire a probate lawyer as a means of reducing your stress levels. The death of a loved one is already emotionally draining, so there’s no need to exacerbate it. Our firm will handle probate and any other estate planning matters with the utmost tact and professionalism.

Do you really need a probate lawyer in the state of New York?

A skilled Rockland County wills, trusts and estates attorney will provide a broad range of services when representing the administrator or executor of an estate in New York, including assisting with the sale of real estate owned by the deceased, drafting and filing all petitions, evaluating the date of death value, finding and securing assets of the deceased, tax elections and filings, collecting any life insurance proceeds of the deceased, defending against any creditor claims in the estate, assisting with the sale of personal property and ensuring that all interested parties are included in probate papers, among other services. You have enough on your mind already. Let our firm handle this. Give us a call today.

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