Owning a home in New York is something to be proud of. People work so hard to be able to get to this point that the prospect of losing this asset can be devastating. Unfortunately, when times are tough, it may be hard to continue making mortgage payments. When a homeowner is unable to continue making mortgage payments, they may be subject to foreclosure.

When a mortgage lender sues a homeowner because they are unable to make mortgage payments, it is important for the homeowner to discuss foreclosure defenses with an experienced attorney. An experienced foreclosure defense attorney can assist the homeowner in the following areas:

  • Serving an answer
  • Defending against the foreclosure
  • Asserting counterclaims that aim to assess their right to the mortgage
  • Requesting all mortgage documents including payment history and chain of title, among others
  • Serve motions and across motions that can have the action dismissed
  • Attempt to get the debtor into a loan modification program, which restructures the mortgage payment and may even lower the interest rate and monthly payment

If an individual files for bankruptcy, the foreclosure process will be stopped immediately. If you are concerned about a foreclosure, contact our firm today.

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