Disputes about land ownership can happen when individuals are unclear about their land and zoning. These issues can happen between neighbors in a residential neighborhood. Your neighbor may want to put up a fence that encompasses their yard. However, you may realize that their fence is on your lawn somehow or that the gate opens up onto your property instead of theirs. This can cause a reason for a land and zoning issue. Neighbors should remain on their own property in order to avoid disturbing one another or infringing on someone else’s property. These issues can also arise between commercials properties, such as local businesses. A business may try selling products on the sidewalk near their store. However, you may argue that that sidewalk is considered to be your property. These disputes must be resolved in order for businesses near each other to remain cordial.

If you face a land and zoning issue, you should speak to a professional attorney to handle the situation more confidently. They can guide you through the process and explain more about the laws involved in the situation. When creating a plan, attorneys know how to make sure it gets approved by state and local government agencies. This can be useful since you will not have to continuously correct mistakes that are made after getting a disapproval.

What entities can be involved in land and zoning issues?

Any type of entity may be involved in land and zoning issues. They may need a reminder on the land and zoning laws in that town. These clients can include developers, landlords, businesses, religious institutions, subdivisions, universities, municipalities, housing complexes and individuals. With a wide range of clients and the objectives they wished to accomplish, our experience has given us the skills to help you toward your goal.

Our attorneys have seen many different clients for many different reasons involving land and zoning laws. With each case, we have had to deal with a specific reason for the legal action. These reasons involving land and zoning include zoning, planning, land use, development projects, variances, special exceptions, subdivision approval and securing municipal, state and federal permits. Individuals have many reasons for wanting to take action. As a landowner, there are special projects you may want to get started on. Let us help you start your project.

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