Just because marriage is not for you and your partner, does not mean that you have no benefits without it. Married partners can jointly file taxes, collect each other’s social security benefits, pay hospital visits automatically, have their immigration status adjusted, and make important end-of-life decisions on behalf of their partner. Even though unmarried partners are not automatically granted access to these benefits, they can create a comprehensive estate plan to secure the above rights and benefits. If you and your partner are considering estate planning for unmarried couples, contact our experienced New York estate planning lawyers at The Lauterbach Law Firm today to discuss your options. If you would like to learn more about the estate planning process for unmarried couples, continue reading:

What is the role of an “Attorney-in-Fact” in estate planning for unmarried couples in New York?

Durable Powers of Attorney are useful tools for unmarried couples that wish to create an estate plan. With Durable Powers of Attorney, you can give your partner certain rights to make important life decisions for them, should they ever become incapacitated. These decisions include medical decisions, the power to handle their partner’s finances, and even end-of-life decisions for you, such as whether or not to accept life-sustaining treatment.

What is a digital estate plan?

Today, technology has only become more prevalent. Therefore, an estate plan is not complete without a digital estate plan component. Your digital estate plan can include iPads, computers, online accounts that link to personal or sensitive information, and even intellectual property stored electronically. In order to ensure that all of your estates are accounted for before your passing, you must establish a digital estate plan too.

If you have questions regarding your estate plan, it is in your best interest to reach out to an experienced New York estate planning attorney to ensure that you have left nothing out of your estate plan.

What are the benefits of a letter of instruction?

Letters of instruction are used as tools for unmarried couples to document their wishes upon their passing. These letters may include odds and ends, such as where certain assets are located or hidden, passwords or passcodes to safes or online accounts, potential outstanding bills, and more.

If you and your partner are interested in drafting an estate plan together, contact The Lauterbach Law Firm today to discuss the letter of instruction and all of the other important steps to this process.

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