Most of the time, when someone sells their home in Rockland County, they purchase a new one. Real estate transactions are often complicated and they can become even more complex when the individuals try to conduct a double closing. A double closing means that the closing for the sale of the old home happens on the same day as the closing for the purchase of the new home. Closing day is often a stressful and exciting time for the individuals that are purchasing the home. However, there may be delays and other hiccups in the closing process that can have significant impacts on the closing process for the other house.

A lot of the time, real estate experts will advise against a double closing. However, in circumstances where there are no problems with the double closing, they can be beneficial. This is because the homeowner will be able to remain in the house they are selling until they officially have the keys to the new house. This can ensure that the homeowner will not have to make more than one move while waiting for the closing on the home they are purchasing.

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