Deciding to purchase a home takes a lot of consideration and is not something anyone can really do on a whim. When making such a large investment, it is important that the buyer does their research on the home and the neighborhood, as well as on how the purchase will impact their finances. When a prospective buyer finds a home they would like to buy but it has been foreclosed, there is a bit more information that should be gathered. This is simply because buying a foreclosure has a few unexpected differences that buyers may not be aware of.

A few things to note if you are buying a foreclosure include the following:

  • Your real estate agent and attorney should be well-versed in foreclosed homes.
  • In order to buy the home, you need a pre-approval letter from a lender unless you are going to buy the home in cash.
  • Like buying any other home, it is important to work with your agent to come up with a competitive offer, especially if homes in the area are selling quickly.
  • Be aware that there is little to no negotiation available when buying a foreclosure. These homes are usually sold as-is.

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