The Lauterbach Law Firm Obtains a Dismissal of Foreclosure Case against Client’s Home

The Lauterbach Law Firm has again obtained a dismissal of a client’s foreclosure case, lifting the cloud that was hanging over the client’s home. In the latest New York Supreme Court dismissal, it was found that the lender’s case was time barred, as the six year statute of limitation had expired. The Firm effectively refuted the lender’s argument that the loan had been “de- accelerated”, which would have nullified the statute of limitations argument. After reviewing memorandum of law, sworn affidavits, and other evidence, the judge concluded that the lender had failed to “raise a triable issue of fact” on the homeowner’s cross-motion, and awarded judgment to the homeowner.

If you are having difficulty with your mortgage, or other debts, contact the Lauterbach Law to discuss a road moving forward.

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