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What is an advanced healthcare directive?

Through an advanced healthcare directive, individuals have the ability to plan for their medical care in advance. As individuals grow older, they may want to plan this out for their end of life care. If they know how they feel about their end of life care, they can record information on how they want to […]

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Can an executor be replaced?

Executor are individuals that are named in a will to plan for a deceased person’s estate. They are the individual that is in charge of the person’s estate once they die. They have responsibilities to carry out in order to make sure everything is taken care of. If the executor fails to accomplish the activities […]

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How do I handle a zoning issue?

Disputes about land ownership can happen when individuals are unclear about their land and zoning. These issues can happen between neighbors in a residential neighborhood. Your neighbor may want to put up a fence that encompasses their yard. However, you may realize that their fence is on your lawn somehow or that the gate opens […]

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Does a will pass through probate?

When individuals plan for the administration of their estate, they can use various methods to do so. This can include a will, trust or other means. During this decision-making process, the individual should be in a clear state of mind. They should not be suffering from anything that can hinder their decision-making. They should not […]

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How can I defend myself against foreclosure?

Foreclosure can be a scary word for some people. If they are facing this possibility, they may be unsure of the future. The possibility of losing your home and not having anywhere to house your family is stressful. Shelter is a necessity and a home can become sentimental to families and all those living inside […]

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What does a power of attorney do?

During estate administration, individuals have to decide on many aspects. These aspects of their estate, whether it includes their health or their assets, can be found in their will. They may wish to appoint someone as their power of attorney to represent their wishes when they are unable to do so themselves. With this role, […]

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What are the responsibilities of a beneficiary?

To determine where an individual’s assets and possessions will go when they die, they need to make plans to administer their estate. For estate administration, individuals have many options. They can draft a will to list who their assets should go to and who will assist with their estate after they are gone. Trusts can […]

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