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Can a will be contested?

After the death of a loved one, estate administration is something that needs to be done. Although this is a difficult time for the family and friends of the deceased individual, they can ease their mind knowing that their loved one’s estate is planned for. In their will, they have planned for their estate by […]

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What is a double closing?

Buying and selling real estate can create for some stressful times. These transactions require a large sum of money. Due to this, it puts individuals in difficult situations at times. When individuals decide to sell a house and buy one on the same day, this is known as a double closing. Since this involves two […]

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Holiday Weekend DWI Crackdown

  With the upcoming holiday weekend, people have more time to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. Most people have a three-day weekend to get the last beach trip in for the summer or a short vacation. College students are heading back to school and celebrating the beginning of a new school year […]

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Drugged Driving Increases in New York

Reports have shown that across New York state drugged driving has increased. It states that drugged driving is one of the major causes of car fatalities in Westchester. Travel experts from AAA examined fatality analysis reporting system data on drivers killed in crashes who were screened for drugs and alcohol in the past decade. During […]

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How can a traffic violation affect me?

Every day people get into their cars and drive from one location to another. Whether people are commuting to work in the morning or making their ride home, they face the dangers that can be associated with the road. As drivers, we try to practice the safest driving possible. Not only do we do this […]

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