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How can I deal with land and zoning disputes?

When disputes about land ownership arise, it’s important to properly solve the problem. Whether your neighbor or a business next to you is involved in the argument, you want to make sure all your land is accounted for. As an owner, your land is important to you because not only did you pay for it, […]

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How can the automatic stay help me?

When an individual is faced with significant debt, they may feel overwhelmed not only because of their financial situation itself but also because of calls from debt collectors at their home and work. This added layer of stress is the last thing someone who is struggling financially needs. When creditors have made multiple requests for […]

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Components of Selling a Home in NY

Making the decision to sell one’s home is a difficult one to make. There are a number of different factors that must be addressed throughout the home selling process and it is important for a seller to make themselves aware of them at the beginning of the process. It is also important to have an […]

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Why is a will important?

Understandably, we are creatures who think in the present. What’s for dinner tonight? Who is picking up the kids after school? While we live life day to day, time flies by and important things go to the wayside. With so much to juggle each day, there is no wonder that people rarely think about the […]

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When should I modify a will in New York?

Creating a comprehensive estate plan is an important part of life. Though estate planning can be a somewhat unsettling task, it can truly bring an individual peace of mind knowing that their wishes for after they are no longer with us have been declared and legally must be followed. One of the most important aspects […]

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Estate Litigation in Rockland County

The time period after a loved one passes away can be difficult for the entire family. Unfortunately, this emotional time may also result in family members realizing that the outcome of the estate was not what they expected. As a result, significant issues may arise that the family must deal with as they grieve for […]

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Double Closings in Rockland County

Most of the time, when someone sells their home in Rockland County, they purchase a new one. Real estate transactions are often complicated and they can become even more complex when the individuals try to conduct a double closing. A double closing means that the closing for the sale of the old home happens on […]

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