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Does a power of attorney have unlimited control?

When people plan for estate administration, they may decide to appoint a power of attorney. With this decision, they should make sure that they trust the individual they appoint. Although a power of attorney does not have unlimited power, their decisions can affect you directly. A power of attorney is someone who steps in to […]

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What is probate?

During your lifetime, it can be beneficial to plan for after death. People can plan for their estate administration. Probate is an important part of this process. Probate is a process that is involved in estate administration where documents to plan for someone’s estate are involved in the planning process. These documents can include a […]

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Who is a power of attorney?

Estate administration is a process that people use to plan for their assets and possessions after their death. This process will allow their possessions to pass on from their ownership to someone they designate it to. This can be beneficial to the beneficiary, the person who receives the asset from the deceased. Whether the item […]

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What responsibilities does an executor have?

Estate planning is an important process that needs to be done before someone dies. After they die, estate administration makes it easier to distribute their assets and plan for their possessions. If someone were to die without going through these steps, it can make it harder to understand what they would have wanted done. When […]

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How can I solve business disputes?

Business disputes can lead to issues between companies or even partners. When these disputes arise, it is best to seek legal help during these times. This can help the situation from escalating where it can cause damage to your business. By using alternative dispute resolutions in order to make agreements with one another, it can […]

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What is an advanced healthcare directive?

Through an advanced healthcare directive, individuals have the ability to plan for their medical care in advance. As individuals grow older, they may want to plan this out for their end of life care. If they know how they feel about their end of life care, they can record information on how they want to […]

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Can an executor be replaced?

Executor are individuals that are named in a will to plan for a deceased person’s estate. They are the individual that is in charge of the person’s estate once they die. They have responsibilities to carry out in order to make sure everything is taken care of. If the executor fails to accomplish the activities […]

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