Occupy Our Homes Movement to Address Mortgage Crisis

As the foreclosures continue to plague homeowners throughout America, the Occupy Wall Street movement has begun a new campaign of protests, this time against the banking system, entitled, “Occupy Our Homes”. According to one of the Occupy our Homes organizers, Max Berger, “This shift from protesting Wall Street fraud to taking action on behalf of people who were harmed by it.” It brings the movement into neighborhoods and gives people a sense of what is really at stake.” The Occupy Our Homes organizers say the focus is on “liberation of vacant bank-owned homes for those in need, and the defense of families under threat of foreclosure and eviction.”

Calling for a “national day of action to stop and reverse foreclosures, the Occupy Our Homes movement planned events in December in more than twenty cities, including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. In New York, participants marched through the East New York neighborhood in Brooklyn, then took possession of a foreclosed home, cleaning it and chanting “Our Homes Are Under Attack; We’ve Got to Take Them Back”. According to the group, the occupied house was foreclosed upon by Bank of America and empty for three years”. The Occupy Wall Street press team stated that a single mother with two children moved into the home from New York shelters after being denied a rent subsidized apartment due to city budget cuts.

Throughout other parts of the country, homeowners are working with the protestors and refusing to leave their homes despite being unable to pay their mortgages. The majority of these homeowners complain of the extreme difficulties they face in attempting to modify their loans with bank.

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